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Lars & Lisbeth


Classical / historical riding and horse instructors 

About us 

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Lars Poppel is a professionally trained riding master by Svend Carlsen at Birkerød Ridingschool in Denmark  and historical weapons expert with expertise in fighting from horseback.

Originally, he mainly rode show jumping and 3 days event, but under a work assignment in The United States he established an acquaintance with different breeds of horses like the Spanish PRE and Lipizzaner and learned about the classical art of ridings fundamental principles from a former riding master from the Spanish riding school in Vienna.

   Lars Poppel passion and knowledge about the mind and movement of the horse is mirrored in his teaching, where he uses elements from the art of warfare and military training principles. In short it is not the appearance of the saddlery, which dictates the rider’s influence on the horse, based on the correct riding and training. To Lars dressage is the foundation for the horse’s mental state, body and soul. If the horse has faith in its rider, the horse will follow the rider’s instructions and try to solve the new challenges. All the directions given to the horse should be cultivated and clear to get mental strength and versatility in its training.

    Lars is founder, president and approved trainer for Old School Dressage.  Additionally, Lars has trained royal personalities HRH crown princess Mary and HRH prince Henrik as well as many of Denmark’s famous actors and classical riders.




Lisbeth Poppel  is a professional personal riding trainer, historical horseback archer and fencer. 

She is chairman of the Danish sidesaddle association and has 20 years experience riding sidesaddle both jumping and dressage.

In her teaching Lisbeth has a strong focus on the balance and harmony between a rider and their horse. The language Lisbeth uses to communicate the relationship between a horse and its rider, is one she has obtained through her studies of the horses perception.

To see the horse as nature designed it and from there learned to understand and respect the horses ever-evolving senses. 

Her huge passion for the horse as a riding and cultural animal has made her a versatile rider, who has searched for knowledge in every nook and cranny she could in the horse riding world.

Through Lars Lisbeth also gained the knowledge of the importance of looking at the horse as an individual and start training the horse accordingly.

Her riders and their horses represent all levers of the classical dressage.



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